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Night 10 2012-10-17

"The Lazy Skirt"

In which Jimminey is given the mysterious word “Sandoval”, the group makes their way onto the vessel “The Lazy Skirt”, and Flynn is the target of an attack at sea.

_The group runs into Moll (the shady pick-pocketing waif), Jimminey is passed note, group sells gems n stuff for 7080G.
Flynn recovers his sword, the fabled blade Nettleheart, from the blacksmith, and discovers it is enchanted with the spell Entangle.

Group boards Lazy Skirt, a surprisingly immaculate ship, and is shown their quarters.

Hrummek helps Raj clean the privies and Flynn shares a drink with Jonas, while Jimminey learns to use a rapier (and gains proficiency as well as a sword).

Twilight settles in and the group spots a black PINNACE (le sigh) coming from the north. As the pinnace closes in, the group identifies a white-clad figure and three black-cloaked figures. The pinnace closes in very quickly; the air is taken from Lazy Skirt’s sails and she is spun around.
The Black Spray’s windsingers push back the gunners after a projectile hits the pinnace and she begins to take on water. Flynn is paralyzed by an unseen force.

Cecil manages to utilize the wind-channeling wheel and successfully calls the winds, hoping to knock the white-clad figure from the pinnace. Unfortunately, Cecil can only manage a light breeze.

As the Lazy Skirt sits, dead in the water, and things are beginning to look dire, Zee stands to attention and calls a ferocious funnel to blast the windsingers from the Black Spray. He holds the white-clad figure motionless in the air, and slowly reels him aboard.

Once captive, Flynn recognizes the man as Marten Rimbaud, one of Oscar de Groche’s right-hand men. A dreadfully dangerous fellow.

Hrummek successfully casts Zone of Truth on Marten, who laughs at Flynn’s arrogance, and admonishes him for being so brash and boastful. As Flynn lifts Nettleheart to end Marten for good, the villain dissolves into sand, leaving only his garments, 200 gold, and a black glass eye behind. Flynn takes the gold, and wraps the eye in cloth for safe-keeping.
After the attack, everyone settles down, but Jonas takes watch on the forecastle.

Cecil and Zee share some words about the winds. Zee sees in Cecil an earnest, curious mind, and an ear capable of hearing the heartbeat of the wind. He agrees to teach Cecil some of what he knows of windsinging._

Jonas Whelk – Captain/Navigator, ship Lazy Skirt
Zee – Windsinger
Jimminey learns to fence.
Hrummek helps crew member clean

Oscar de Groche – took (Flynn’s land/power)
Marten Rimbaud – Came after Flynn. Turned into sand.

End of Night 10




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