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Night 11 2013-01-02

"To The Bottom Of The Sea"

In which Cecil learns the art of controlling the wind, Hrummek tells the crew the story about the horse that does maths, the group is summoned to the bottom of the ocean to meet with the Sea King, and the group explores a mysterious underwater cavern to which Hrummek finds a +3 crab claw and Flynn gets an std from teabagging a vanquished crab.
_Cecil helps Tibbins make pancakes, then takes lessons from Zee for two hours, learning how to hear the wind, how to respond to it as a living being, and is rewarded for his practice. (Gains 1 Windsinger spell, BLINDING WINDS)

Hrummek tells Lazy Skirt’s crew a Horse Math story, while Jimminey entertains with a joke about nuts. (BOTH HRUMMEK and JIMMINEY GAIN A +5 DIPLOMACY BONUS WITH CREW; GROUP GETS +2)

On day three the ship floats limply along in a dead calm, the air stiflingly hot and still. Lazy Skirt pulls abreadst a funnel which plunges into the sea, and watches as another ship is destroyed by stormfire.
All members of the group, save Jimminey and Cecil, succumb to suntouch, leaping over the side of the Skirt, and sink heavily into the ocean.

Jonas tells Jimminey and Cecil that they must answer the Sea King’s summons, or face the fate of the ruined vessel still crumbling into the depths. They climb a ladder down into the funnel. Towards the bottom, Cecil sees an Andeluvian tending the other members of the group who lept into the ocean; she runs away when she sees them climbing down.
Jimminey successfully spots her tracks and helps the others follow.

After following the Andeluvian girl’s tracks, the adventurers come to the mouth of a network of corridors. At its entrance, a towering statue of a creature stands guard: a twin-headed dragon with a woman’s head at the joining of its necks, trailing to a long, serpentine tail which coils around the base of the statue in muscley loops. A glinting silver mask floats in front of the woman’s face, and the base of the statue is embossed with the word “Tiamat.” The group winds its way through a coral-walled maze of tunnels, encountering beastly sea monstrosities and discovering ages-old treasures.

Flynn: Finds fist-sized pearl, Necklace of Airbreathing
Jimminey: Finds scroll of waterbreathing

While the group rests, Flynn defeats a crab and catches a strange itch from teabagging its corpse. He later sees a Giant Leech crawl past, attack and devour a crab that was approaching the group, then disappear into the darkness.

Flynn finds a Captain’s Lantern after a ballsy swim into a tight crevice. Hrummek finds a Halfling Acorn Hammer, 200 gold, and a scroll of Waterbreathing. The group finds the end of the cavern system, sees the city of Andeluvia spreading ahead on the seafloor, magnificent and strange, glittering in the ocean water. As they stare, transfixed, a squad of Andeluvians attack a gargantuan beast which resembles the statue of Tiamat. A smaller unit of Andeluvians takes the group captive, and they each succumb to a magical sleep.

The group wakes up in the palace, unbound, and able to breath the water they find themselves surrounded by.

End of Night 11




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