Last Time On D&D

Night 12 2013-01-02


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Sea Goddess – Tiamat

Andalovia – Sea King’s Kingdom
King Lir, Queen Pleeny – 7 sons, 7 daughters
Princess Alfia is Priestess of Tiamat
Tiamat has gone crazy.
Taris (son) wants Tiamat dead
Nurn – King’s Vallet, dark skinned (traitor)

Water-breathing spell = 4 hrs

Princess Alfia confirms suspicions about Nurn.

  • pair of gloves – dark, rubbery black, webbed for swimming.
  • globes of phospherescence
  • +1 to dex
  • +5 to AC, sharksuit
  • trident, d10+2, 2-handed

en route w/ map to ship ruins.

End of Night 12




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