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Night 14 2013-02-20

"Ballyhoo Burning"

In which our heros have found their reputation preceeds them in the form of fiery vengeance.

On the Lazy Skirt:
1) ((Wurm in the crow’s nest spots smoke on the horizon.))

2)-As the ship sails onward it is obvious that the port town of Ballyhoo is where the smoke is coming from. The crew is immediately on alert and wary, but continues to approach. After a moment longer, Jonas approaches you all….

3) Jonas
“Well, friends, this is as far as the Skirt goes. I can give you a skiff and some vittles for your passage, but we turn back here*. Good luck to you. Lord knows you’ll need it, regardless of what brave fools you might be.”
“If you’re willing to strike another deal, I’ve been eyeing that lantern Flynn is carrying. If you leave it in my possession, I will be able to communicate with you via a coin activated by the lamp. In this case, I can impart better supplies, possibly including some scrolls of windsinger spells, and a promise to return for when you are in need of passage. Deal?”

As you board the skiff and leave the Lazy Skirt behind, the razed town of Ballyhoo lies ahead of you, silent and empty. White and gray smoke rises here and there throughout the area, all from square buildings of various heights and widths. On a pier stands a solitary cage.

Though the smoke obscures the town, you can see a silhouette of a humanoid figure, slumped inside the cage. As Vielle swims up beside the pier and secure your skiff, she can’t fully see the details of who’s inside until you climb up to the platform, though he does look to be alive, but barely.

Laszlo, the old man in the cage
“They’ve been waiting for the lot of ye. I had no choice. Killed me girls ‘n me wife when I said I’d rather die than turn in innocents to them. They whipped me and left me in this cage to wait fer ye. Or die whichever came first. I prayed fer death. But they know where you were headed, an’ know where ye’ve been. Watching ye well they are. If that be The Lazy Skirt over there then I hope ol’ Jonas keeps that windsinger sober. He’s gonna need him. They say a Mindflyer, ”/campaign/last-time-on-d-d/wikis/Ilsenbossk/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Ilsenbossk or something, wants revenge for some slight the lot of you did him. Guessing killing off a friendly town as an example was his idea, almost as much as the bounty on yer heads. Now leave me to die – I miss me girls.”

Vielle gives the old man peace. Returning to the skiff it is decided to make landfall north of Ballyhoo and enter the town under cover of darkness.

Infiltration of Ballyhoo
As you survey what is left of Ballyhoo, you see rectangular buildings with open doors and windows, almost all of them are charred and damaged. Some buildings are crumbling as well. One building in particular seems to catch your attention. There is a sound from inside, a monkey?

The group draws in close to investigate the doorway, and without warning there is an explosion hurtles towards the group!

Inside the dusty and smoke-filled building, you can smell powder used to fire the cannon. Large footprints the size of platters divot the ground, and most noticeably of all there is a giant breach in the back wall, opening up to an alley that is also filled with dust and smoke.

As the group gives chase through alleyways, streets, and rooftops a trap is sprung in the town square where the group battles various townsfolk infected by the oil ink plauge and corner the titan cannoneer, blinding him, falling to his death.

End of Night 14




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