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Night 15 2013-03-13


In which our heros interrogate the possesed half-orc, treck across the desert at night (blast them for being so damned intelligent), fight a band of harssafs, and explore their den with a suspenseful ending!

Tied to the chair sits a half-orc, visibly shaking and sweating despite the arid heat already beginning this morning.

Half-Orc, Grummok :
“Old man washed up on shore.
Was ranting about his ship sank and crew overrun by oil ink.
Ranting about Chaos God.

We take care of him, but he only get sicker.
Only get…stranger.
Eyes go black, like oil ink.
Started spitting up oil ink on others.

We few lock him away in cage, not in jail.
On pier, away from everyone.
Others spit up on others.
Town began going mad.

Everyone turn against each other.
Started burning.
Started destroying.
Some fled into desert.

We few fought to save.
Then Grummok surrounded and spit upon.
Grummok not die like this.
Grummok to die in battle."

It can be assumed that the old man he spoke of was Lazlo.
The Chimera God of Chaos also spoke through him in multiple voices simultaneously, until Cecil ran him through.

“The plagues will come!
The waters will congeal into blood!

The twin moons shall menstruate crimson!
Chimera-spawn will spill onto the land!

Your cities will burn and crumble!
Your leaders will be corrupted!

Your skin will crack and split!
You will thirst!

You will die alone!
I shall unmake the world!
Your souls will be sucked into the void!"

As the half-orc’s life passes on, a key falls to the ground….
(Key to cabinet containing
6 waterskins, 3 rations of dried foodstuffs, hand out scrolls 5, and a saltwater pearl 15g
bag of 19gold, 17 silver)

The Blast
As you set out across desert known as The Blast, the heat bears down upon you,
baking your body. The wind begins to pick up a little, then ascends to more insistent gusts.
At first the wind seems to help at least dry the sweat a little, but then sand begins to sting and prick at your exposed skin.

Despite the sand that is now flying around you, at some distance ahead you think you see ruins and larger rock formations. As you get closer, the sun begins to set, but it becomes darker as the wind starts to become a sandstorm. You arrive at a ruin of some sort. Broken columns rest on the ground while some still stand.

The sand beneath your feet seem to ripple…
Three figures burst up all around you from the ground, armed with a pair of curved kukris (kook-Ris), clothed in frayed robes, and wearing armor the color of blighted gold. Its reddish-brown skin is rough and grainy like sand, and slitted fiery red eyes glow from behind a protective visor.

One is dispatched, the other flees in terror.
Cecil discards the protective bush and proceeds to place his head down the dark hole.
The third of the remaining creatures turns to sandform to try to prolong his life.

The group decides to descend into the hidden hole and explore, discovering various provisions. Meanwhile the sandstorm on the surface grows furious. Under a pelt/rug on the floor Hrummek discovers a hatch door, and the group avoids a spike trap. As the group sets to cautiously walk down the passage, there is a hissing cackle and the hatch door slams shut.

Vielle finds something suspicious in the passageway…Drow coins.

Going onward, Vielle disarms a gas trap, and Hrummek discovers a dead-end. As they enter what seems like an abandoned room, a storage case moves to the side and three more of the same creatures emerge. Stunned for a second, one holding a large sack over his shoulder retreats back and the case slides shut back into place!

End of Night 16




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