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Night 16 2013-04-10

"A Den Of Harssafs"

In which the group defeats two more harssafs, solve a sand trap room puzzle, chase down the fleeing harssaf with the mysterious sack, discover its contents to be canopic jars, and Vielle and Clairebelle used a spell of invisiblility to investigate the source of an intreaguing dialogue.

The group squares off against two more of the dessert creatures to which they now know to be Harssafs. The remaining Harssaf blasts sand in all directions, blinding many.

Hrummek discovers the mechanism to open the sliding door and discover another empty room…

You are in a rectangular room with tiled floors and walls. There are two ordinary looking pillars in the center of the room. However in each of the corners of the room along the ceiling are four stone faces with gaping mouths. In the very center of the ceiling is another face with its mouth open as well.

As you make your way through the room both doors slide shut with a booming thud! At Sand begins to cascade from each of the stone mouths of the faces in the four corners, quickly turning into a torrent.

Chrystalis and Vielle work together and shut the mouth of the center stone face, stopping the flow of sand and exiting the room. Flynn gives chase down a descending passage of stairs dimly lit by purple-tinted lanterns. The group comes to a halt as they see the mysterious sack, simply left alone in the passage. Approaching cautiously, the ground beneath them solidifies and a psuedopod of sand attacks! The sandform harssaf launches at Flynn, trying to enter his throat and suffocate him!

Overpowering the sandform, the group literally curbstomps the being into oblivion after being sand blasted again, Julius snatches the bag just before the dying Harssaf can reach it. Inside are four canopic jars, their lids each fashioned into the head of a crocodile, a jackal, a hawk, and a hippopotamus. Cecil gets the heebie-jeebies and passes the sack to Hrummek, who gleefully places it into her own bag.

As you descend the stairs you can overhear an unseen conversation at the bottom of the stairs…

“Ahhh, so good to see you once again, [[ Sarh’usstan ]], magnificent Favored of the indomitable House “Lilon ulu Kult” ! I hope your journey was a pleasant one?”
“That depends on the quality of stock I am here for, Oh Dakshi the Glorious. I trust you’ve done all you can to prepare the slaves for transportation?”
“Indeed I have, but let us not get too hasty. Your room is ready for you with all of the specifics you require, including refreshment before we dine together. Then we can talk business and you can examine what has been caught for you. For now I shall retire to my room. My major domo, Kanvar, as you are familiar with, shall wait by your door to bring me message when you are ready.”
“Such graciousness is befitting. Sometime you should come back with me to my city of
Baereghel. I could find a position suited to your talents.”
“My Lord is much too flattering to waste his thoughts upon me. Let us tend to your needs for the present.”

Vielle uses a spell to turn Clairebelle and herself invisible as they investigate the source of a mysterious conversation…

End of Night 16




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