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Night 17 2013-04-24

"Invisibility Has Its Perks"

In which Vielle and Clairabelle are still invisible and spy on the Harssaf sultan, coordinate a pincer move in the tunnel, and fireball the hell out of the Harssaf chain of command and the Drow emmesary.

Vielle and Clairabelle are cloaked in invisibility, and begin to explore sub-level 2.

The major domo, Kanvar, stands watch in front of the closed doors to Sarh’usstan’s chamber.

Investigating the chamber of Dakshi the Glorious, it is discovered he has a hidden vault and passage to spy on his Drow guest.

Dashi and his bodyguard, Mahabala, meet with Sarh’usstan and his guards, and make ready to examine the slaves.

As the Harssafs and the Drow make their way upward, the group makes ready for one hell of an ambush.

Cecil engulfs the passage with a fiery display, Vielle unleashes her color spray, Clairabelle unsheathes the lanterns, and Chrystalis emits his sonic breath weapon.

Mahabala grabs his sultan in an effort to protect him, but they never make it out of the chamber alive.

Flynn cuts down the major domo, Kanvar. Sarh’usstan is the next to fall, as well as a Drow Vanguard. One is remaining, and the night ends.

End Night 17




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