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Night 18 2013-05-16

The Myth Of "Love, The Forsaken Child"

In which our heros make their stand against the minions rushing to the aid of their fallen masters, Hrummek discovers she has a Dart of Pinning, Vielle learns about her mythical existance, Lolth possesses the captured Drow and tries to tempt Vielle to come to her.

Vielle magically seals the doors and casts invisibility on the unconscious Drow Vanguard. Hrummek lays down caltrops. Dakshi and Mahabala’s corpses are looted. (To be posted later)

As the magic fades on the doors, a Harssaf Cleric bursts in to heed the call of his Sultan. A minotaur, an orc, and a lizardfolk trample through the opposite door under the command of a Drow Vanguard. After a lengthy, but victorious battle, Vielle turns her attention back to the unconscious Drow Vangaurd from Night 17.

Du’vor’ran, Vanguad of House Leon ulu’Kult, fearful of the legend of “Ssinssrigg, L’Akai’zhar Dalhar", tells Vielle the myth and stories about “Love, The Forsaken Child”. Lolth then possesses his body and tries tempt Vielle to the Underdark, loosing her temper and whispers that her wrath is coming.

Dos h’ros tlu trantz! (You can’t be real!)
Dos phuul er’griff natha erhz! (You’re only a myth!)
Dos xuat ulorit! (You don’t exist!)

There are whispers about a drow who shamed his house and his people by falling in love with an outsider (with an Imaskari female).
Their love combined with magic produced a child of abomination.
As punishment the witch was put to death,
the Drow was transformed into a drider.

Everyone of his House was killed,
and everything left was claimed by everyone else,
though that was not enough.

The drider was made part of the temple of Lolth as a permanent fixture and reminder to everyone the punishment for defying our malevolent Queen of Spiders.

The child disappeared, but was said have onyx skin defiled by patterns of white,
like the skin of the Deep Imaskari,
and that her eyes were forever cursed to reflect the night sky of the forsaken surface world.

Please don’t harm me!
You have been branded as “Ssinssrigg, L’Akai’zhar Dalhar”…
In the common tongue…”Love, The Forsaken Child”
Legends say “L’Akai’zhar Dalhar” has the ability to make the ones she touches infertile. That “L’Akai’zhar Dalhar” can steal your sight.
That…if “Ssinssrigg” pays your House a visit, then yours shall be the next to fall.

Lolth Possession

My, how you’ve grown.
My time inside this one is brief, so I will say this:
Serve me. Serve me like you were meant to.

Your father and the one who spawned you knew no better and they suffered.
Do not let the same fate happen to you, my child.
Bring the others who are with you to me,
and I shall see that you are safe and given a position of nobility.

Sacred Treasure, I will restore your House,
your family’s wealth, and its power
if you only come back home with your companions.

Foolish girl!
Wretched abomination!
You sacrifice yourself and anger ME!
The world will grow to mistrust you!
I shall see to it personally that you are shunned wherever you go!

And you shall betray your friends!


(leans forward, almost whispered)
My. Wrath. Shall. Come.

She has awakened and comes for you!

-end Night 18



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