Last Time On D&D

The Story Thus Far

"Nights 1 ~ 14"

As you turn your sight to the run-down building with the tied up half-orc ,
the dawn breaks over the sea, casting radiant light in your direction.
You have literally been to the bottom of the ocean and brought a goddess back into arms of its aquatic people.
You’ve saved an elderly couple from robbery on the open road.
You have helped bring economic stability to a town of mystery,
and have withstood the wrath of bards.
You’ve been from Fairhill to [[ St. Forget ]] to Blackwood;
from Sunkenblot to the obliterated town of Ballyhoo,
and now to your back is the dust bowl known as The Blast.

Some of you have escaped literal mines of deceit ,
from the tentacles of the Mind Flayer, Illsenbossk ,
who hunts you down for revenge and torture.
And you have uncovered a secret history of a banished
Chimera God of Chaos capable of unmaking the world.

Regardless of what your personal motivations are,
you know that the minions enthralled by this Chimera God are searching relentlessly for the hidden seals made by both good and evil gods and goddesses.
Each of these seals of unknown number were broken into two matching pieces and contain tremendous power to protect or to destroy.
It is said the magic was imbued into other artifacts to further disguise them from those who seek to break this
God of Chaos free…
For not all the seals need to be replaced for its
dimensional prison to break open.

You have also learned of the Protectors,
unknown warriors sworn to guard their
individual fragment of the seals at all costs.
One resides in Fairhill;
Baran, who exists in misery.

The page from the journal of the late Strahdavari,
former Mayor of [[ St. Forget ]],
indicates that another Protector by the name of Nightscale
may live deep within the mountain known as The Stone Tooth.

Believe in fate, or do not.
But you all stand here together,
and to the south lies a jagged spine of mountains where the Stone Tooth waits….

…but for now, you have a half-orc to interrogate….




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