Clairebelle Drake

Part Dragon, Part Druid, Part Rogue


Jessica – Clarebelle Human Druid. Mysterious and aloof. Very neutral. Her animal companion is a ferret named Chrystalis.

Personal Treasure from the Forgotten Graveyard
Chrystalis moved so quickly you don’t think anyone noticed. He’s always hoarding things. Small as he is he’s still a dragon. You only look down to see what he’s taken when he begins chattering excitedly at you. That’s when you realize he’s not hoarding for himself. He’s brought something for you. The golden chain is nothing special you’ve seen dozens like it before. The gemstone is a different story. Even in the torchlight you can see the sparkle it has. As if you were looking upon the stars. The shape too is unusual a perfect tear of sapphire so blue as to be nearly black. Yet it looks and feels so familiar. Where could you have seen this before.

Clairebelle Drake

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