Clementine Silverfish


Clementine Silverfish is Hrummek‘s grandmother. She is a cleric of the goddess Yondalla; the lawful good goddess of Halflings, Community, Law and Protection. Yondalla’s titles include The Protector and Provider, The Nurturing Matriarch, and The Blessed One. Yondalla is the creator and protector of the halfling race. She espouses harmony within the halfling race and stalwart defense against its enemies. Her followers hope to lead safe, prosperous lives by following her guidence.

Clementine is Neutral Good, and a very devout follower of her goddess. She lives in some nebulous northern area that I’d point to if I had a map with just under one hundred other halflings. Some related by blood, others just adopted into the family. They have a close community of humble cabins that are surrounded by farms and gardens, and to one side they are flanked by a river. Clementine’s house is the oldest there, and rooms are built onto her house as she sees a need for them, so the place looks funny and stuck together, like a small shed that’s grown a few extra houses out of it.

Although I’m sure Clementine could hold herself in a fight far better than any commoner, she has never had to, and she uses her strong connection to her god to heal the sick and care for her vast extended family. There is no formal leadership among the Silverfish clan, but Clementine is an obvious authority, and hardly anything of importance is kept from her.

Hrummek was not her only student. Clementine has also taught Hrummek’s mother, several cousins, and quite a few outsiders in the ways of Yondalla, but Hrummek was the only one to follow a different god. Because Hrummek did not fit well with the ideas of strict adherence to one law and one community, nor was she ready to settle down to a quiet life of beauty and comfort, Clementine realized that her granddaughter’s path to Yondalla would be a much longer one than that of her other students, and accepted that Hrummek needed to travel first and see more of the world. Clementine did not expect, however, that the trip would have no end in sight ten years later.

-Hrummek’s grandmother’s brother is Barnaby’s grandfather, making them second cousins.

Clementine Silverfish

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