Flynn McCockan

Stands Hard Like The Sycamore


Flynn McCockan
Male Human Fighter

Sword’s name – Nettleheart

Clan McCockan “Stand Hard Like The Sycamore”

Legendary Leader lvl 7 Leadership Feat

Flynn – Heir to the land, kicked out by bad guy
-Wizard, with a much more shorter tower? Tower envy?
-Get money to raise an army

Personal treasure from the Forgotten Graveyard
At first glance its just a military medal. Someone here must have been of great prowess for it to be buried in a family vault. Yet something about it stands out, calling to you. Yes, that’s it! The etching along the edge, though worn smooth in many places, is your family motto! Is this really the missing McCockan Medal of Honor? Your father had always said Granddad’s father was a great military man. But these are not the family burial tombs. How in the Nine Hells did it come to be here? Can it help you restore the family tower?

Flynn McCockan fled the McCockan Islands after his care taker ministers turned against him. The men appointed by Flynn’s father from his deathbed to look after the young duke eventually caved to temptation. They stole from the ducal coffers to pay for lavish parties, tournaments, and high class prostitutes. As Flynn neared the age of ascension he began to chastise the greedy miniter’s frivolous spending and abuse of the tax system, saying defiantly to a confidant, “The once proud McCockan tower will not suffer these vipers much longer.”

A man of the people, the young Duke would daily walk among the peasantry. McCockan took great care to remind the commoners that while he was their ruler, his power to rule came from their acquiescence. This resounded with the peasantry who were growing increasingly frustrated with the suffocating taxes levied by the greedy ministers.

The local clerics spoke out against their greed, the guilds threatened strike, and tax collectors were run out of villages. In one town, Uruthea, a mob gathered and lynched one of the tax collectors. It was said that the clerics watched the hanging in silent approval. Each one of these small outbursts was met by the ministerial council with amused detachment and harsh repercussions. The minister of taxes and chief of the council, Oscar DeGrosh, remarked while watching peasants march against taxes, “The ants go marching two by two, hurrah.” The next day one hundred people loosely affiliated with organizing the march were hung from the McCockan tower gibbets.

The young Duke was very aware of the social strife as his coronation grew near. Always arguing with the ministers when each new tax was levied, he was no friend of the ministers charged with his care. The ministerial committee approached Flynn a month before his coronation. DeGrosh is credited as saying: “You’ll make for us a fine puppet,” and implying menace added, “You may wear the crown and signet ring, but we wear the garter and gauntlet.”

With DeGrosh’s threats in mind Flynn set about orchestrating his coronation procession. Followed by his twelve most loyal knights of the order of the sycamore and four hundred peasant supporters Flynn was to enter McCockan tower and receive his crown. The intention was that once he was crowned and the full force of the law was behind him his knights and peasant supporters would arrest the ministers.

Once inside the tower DeGrosh appeared wearing the mcCockan circlet. He addressed the young duke and his supporters saying, “You are here to usurp and steal that which Hextor has deigned mine! Now you all shall die!” On his last words the doors of the tower were locked and hidden archers and mages rained death on Flynn’s supporters. McCockan himself suffered a near fatal arrow wound in the shoulder. Were it not for the bravery of the knights of the Order of the Sycamore, Flynn would have died with all the others. One knight carried McCockan on his back from the tower by way of a rarely used servant’s corridor. The brave young knight, Enguerrand DeCousins, died shortly after delivering the unconscious Duke to a loyal merchant seaman who promised to take Flynn to safety on the mainland.

Flynn awoke from his delirium two days into the journey. He had nothing signifying his birthright aside from his signet ring and ducal seal. Forced to bide his time while he raised an army (and the massive funds to pay for it), Flynn can think of little but revenge on the evil DeGrosh.

In search of riches and worthy companions for battle, McCockan took to the life of a traveling adventurer. His travels eventually led him to a small town promising gold for Orc scalps. It was here that Flynn first met his legendary traveling companions. With the might of these companions and the gold amassed during their adventuring Flynn eventually formed the McCockan Hand, his personal army of liberation.

Flynn McCockan

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