Hrummek Silverfish

Halfling cleric of Fharlangnh.


Hrummek Silverfish

Hrummek Silverfish, Cleric of Fharlanghn
Wears a green overcoat and hat
Brown and undyed wool clothing
Yellow scarf
Leather armor
Brown eyes
Brown hair

Hrummek is a professional journeywoman and Cleric of Fharlanghn; god of luck, travel and protection. She tends to fall heavy on the luck end of her deity’s spectrum. Although Fharlanghn is a true neutral god, Hrummek is a chaotic neutral person who occasionally acts out to change someone else’s luck if the opportunity strikes, or simply if it seems funny at the time. While she might not be as honorable a cleric of Farlanghn as she claims in her personal memoirs, she still devotes her whole being to his teachings, believing truthfully that the world would be better off if everyone would take a good long journey once in his life. Particularly an unending one.

As she is constantly on the road, she tries to take up odd fix-it jobs in the towns she comes to, to earn enough coin to suppliment her courier’s income and continue on her way. She set off from her home years ago in a roundabout quest for Fharlanghn’s Boots. Although wouldn’t mind having a pair, it was really more an excuse to set off down the road. Plus it puts a few points to her being a devout follower. Her travels are a bit of a double edged sword, there: A continuous journey is, for a cleric of Fharlanghn, quite a holy act, but it definitely puts a damper on raising money for any monuments to her chosen deity. She occasionally feels a little guilty about this, and makes it a point to offer a brief prayer at every roadside monument to her god.

Hrummek carries two books with her, both in the early stages of completion:

The Right and Wholly Unbiased Recollections of Hrummek Silverfish, Proffessional Journeyswoman and Honerable Cleric of Fharlanghn, Concerning Various Encounters Upon Her Endless Journeys. (With Illustrations by The Author)


A Wholly Accurate Account of The Numerous Religions Encountered by Hrummek Silverfish, Honerable Cleric of Farlanghn Along Her Endless Journeys. (With Illustrations by The Author

Hrummek Silverfish

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