Jimminey Firechest

Dwarf Swashbuckler


Dwarf Swashbuckler. Boisterous and brave. Very loud and sometimes refers to himself in the 3rd person. “Oh nuh nuh, Jimminey, dun do that! People go t’ HELL fur that!!!”

Jimminey is a dwarf that longed for adventure outside the ancient mountains of his family and clan. He met ridicule and banishment when he told his Family he was going to leave and go to the seas to become a swashbuckler. Outraged his father, Whiskiley, said no son of his would ever do such a thing, leaving Jimminey to depart in humiliation.

Down on his luck, he shambled into the town of Fairhill, alone and looking for answers at the bottom of a jug of ale at The Staggering Wanderer Inn…..

Back at the Mountain of the Firechest Clan, his mother, Dearry Firechest, learns about Jimminey’s departure and hauls Whiskiley out by the ear, dunking him in the drinking trough, chastising him for overreacting and being drunk. She asks the brother of Whiskiley, Uncle to Jimminey, Grizzely Firechest, to take some of her sons and daughters to go looking for her disgraced son….

By the time the search party encounters the town of Fairhill, they find out from innkeeper of The Staggering Wanderer that he saw a dwarf with fiery red hair leave with a group of strangers for the mines at the beseeching of the town’s guard, Baran, as the town has been plagued by Orc raiding parties, and offered 5 silver per orc scalp delivered. They leave as soon as possible, learning of a “secret entrance”.

The follow the tracks into the cave, seeing signs of fighting, and discover slain orcs. Close on the trail, they encounter a troop of orcs to which they defeat. Still following the tracks, they come to a strange vaulted cavern with a mysterious pool and an altar. Knowing something is not right; they come to the chasm and discover the collapsed rope bridge….

They find Jimminey, unconscious, fallen onto a rocky outcropping, and haul him back through the “secret entrance” and back into town, where they meet a shocked Baran, and he puts them up for lodging at another Inn to nurse him back to health…

The Firechest Clan
Father – Whiskiley Firechest
Mother – Dearry Firechest
Uncle – Grizzely Firechest
Older Brother – Chimminey Firechest
Older Brother – Dimminey Firechest
Older Sister – Merriley Firechest
Middle Brother – Jimminey Firechest
Younger Sister – Genney Firechest
Younger Brother – Kidney Firechest
Younger Sister – Dorry Firechest
Younger Sister – Gypsy Firechest

Treasure found by Hrummek from The Forgotten Graveyard, given later to Jimminey
A simple bloodstone bracelet with dwarven markings on the band and the crossed sword and hammer etched into the stone itself. Perhaps it might mean something to the Firechest Clan.

Jimminey Firechest

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