Mysterious Factotum. Good with Magic.


Jenny – Vielle Factotum of the Broken Song (class), and her race is unknown. Head-strong, calculating, and not to be trifled with.

Personal treasure found in The Forgotten Graveyard
Vielle your hand glides over the soft supple wrapping of fine leather. The package isn’t overly large maybe the size of a book. If you had to guess you’d say it was an ornately covered book probably worth more to the dead than the living. Still you can’t seem to pull your hand away from it. As you cautiously open the leather you find an ivory comb with two missing teeth. What an odd thing to place so lovingly in a family treasure. The delicate ivory displays fine etchings along the teeth. If you had to guess they alone cost a small fortune when the comb was craft. Not to mention the small gems glinting merrily along its spine. The missing teeth just pique your curiosity all the more. Is that discoloration part of the ivory or maybe dried blood? And that’s not even the biggest mystery. Why was it bound with this tome? The book at first glance is nothing special until you truly see the magic pulsing in the script itself. This will take many months to unravel. What can be learned from these items and where did they come from


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