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Night 01 2011-09-21
"An Interrupted Meal"

Setting: In the town of Fairhill, at The Staggering Wanderer Inn
An orc raiding party attacks the town, and 3 orcs burst into the Inn.

Jenny – Vielle Factotum of the Broken Song (class), and her race is unknown. Head-strong, calculating, and not to be trifled with.

Rick – Clyde Williams Human Bard. The ladies man. Sneaky, laid back, sly and quick fingered.

Brent – Jimminey Firechest Dwarf Swashbuckler. Boisterous and brave. Very loud and sometimes refers to himself in the 3rd person. “Oh nuh nuh, Jimminey, dun do that! People go t’ HELL fur that!!!”

Jessica – Clarabelle Human Druid. Mysterious and aloof. Very neutral.

The battle was short, but fierce. With soup flying, Jimminey’s ale knocked over, and Clyde snitching bottles of brew, Vielle had an orc ready to interrogate when Baran, the town’s head guard, burst into the inn and ran the last orc through. Flustered, Vielle demanded to know what was going on…

Baran, the town’s head guard, who offered 5 silver reward for each orc scalp that is brought back. The orcs also ran off with the town artifact.

Upon agreeing that 5 silver was a pretty good reward per orc scalp, the strangers agreed to meet at the next dawn after making awkward, but necessary introductions.

End of Night 01


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