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Night 18 2013-05-16
The Myth Of "Love, The Forsaken Child"

In which our heros make their stand against the minions rushing to the aid of their fallen masters, Hrummek discovers she has a Dart of Pinning, Vielle learns about her mythical existance, Lolth possesses the captured Drow and tries to tempt Vielle to come to her.

Vielle magically seals the doors and casts invisibility on the unconscious Drow Vanguard. Hrummek lays down caltrops. Dakshi and Mahabala’s corpses are looted. (To be posted later)

As the magic fades on the doors, a Harssaf Cleric bursts in to heed the call of his Sultan. A minotaur, an orc, and a lizardfolk trample through the opposite door under the command of a Drow Vanguard. After a lengthy, but victorious battle, Vielle turns her attention back to the unconscious Drow Vangaurd from Night 17.

Du’vor’ran, Vanguad of House Leon ulu’Kult, fearful of the legend of “Ssinssrigg, L’Akai’zhar Dalhar", tells Vielle the myth and stories about “Love, The Forsaken Child”. Lolth then possesses his body and tries tempt Vielle to the Underdark, loosing her temper and whispers that her wrath is coming.

Dos h’ros tlu trantz! (You can’t be real!)
Dos phuul er’griff natha erhz! (You’re only a myth!)
Dos xuat ulorit! (You don’t exist!)

There are whispers about a drow who shamed his house and his people by falling in love with an outsider (with an Imaskari female).
Their love combined with magic produced a child of abomination.
As punishment the witch was put to death,
the Drow was transformed into a drider.

Everyone of his House was killed,
and everything left was claimed by everyone else,
though that was not enough.

The drider was made part of the temple of Lolth as a permanent fixture and reminder to everyone the punishment for defying our malevolent Queen of Spiders.

The child disappeared, but was said have onyx skin defiled by patterns of white,
like the skin of the Deep Imaskari,
and that her eyes were forever cursed to reflect the night sky of the forsaken surface world.

Please don’t harm me!
You have been branded as “Ssinssrigg, L’Akai’zhar Dalhar”…
In the common tongue…”Love, The Forsaken Child”
Legends say “L’Akai’zhar Dalhar” has the ability to make the ones she touches infertile. That “L’Akai’zhar Dalhar” can steal your sight.
That…if “Ssinssrigg” pays your House a visit, then yours shall be the next to fall.

Lolth Possession

My, how you’ve grown.
My time inside this one is brief, so I will say this:
Serve me. Serve me like you were meant to.

Your father and the one who spawned you knew no better and they suffered.
Do not let the same fate happen to you, my child.
Bring the others who are with you to me,
and I shall see that you are safe and given a position of nobility.

Sacred Treasure, I will restore your House,
your family’s wealth, and its power
if you only come back home with your companions.

Foolish girl!
Wretched abomination!
You sacrifice yourself and anger ME!
The world will grow to mistrust you!
I shall see to it personally that you are shunned wherever you go!

And you shall betray your friends!


(leans forward, almost whispered)
My. Wrath. Shall. Come.

She has awakened and comes for you!

-end Night 18

Night 17 2013-04-24
"Invisibility Has Its Perks"

In which Vielle and Clairabelle are still invisible and spy on the Harssaf sultan, coordinate a pincer move in the tunnel, and fireball the hell out of the Harssaf chain of command and the Drow emmesary.

Vielle and Clairabelle are cloaked in invisibility, and begin to explore sub-level 2.

The major domo, Kanvar, stands watch in front of the closed doors to Sarh’usstan’s chamber.

Investigating the chamber of Dakshi the Glorious, it is discovered he has a hidden vault and passage to spy on his Drow guest.

Dashi and his bodyguard, Mahabala, meet with Sarh’usstan and his guards, and make ready to examine the slaves.

As the Harssafs and the Drow make their way upward, the group makes ready for one hell of an ambush.

Cecil engulfs the passage with a fiery display, Vielle unleashes her color spray, Clairabelle unsheathes the lanterns, and Chrystalis emits his sonic breath weapon.

Mahabala grabs his sultan in an effort to protect him, but they never make it out of the chamber alive.

Flynn cuts down the major domo, Kanvar. Sarh’usstan is the next to fall, as well as a Drow Vanguard. One is remaining, and the night ends.

End Night 17


Night 16 2013-04-10
"A Den Of Harssafs"

In which the group defeats two more harssafs, solve a sand trap room puzzle, chase down the fleeing harssaf with the mysterious sack, discover its contents to be canopic jars, and Vielle and Clairebelle used a spell of invisiblility to investigate the source of an intreaguing dialogue.

The group squares off against two more of the dessert creatures to which they now know to be Harssafs. The remaining Harssaf blasts sand in all directions, blinding many.

Hrummek discovers the mechanism to open the sliding door and discover another empty room…

You are in a rectangular room with tiled floors and walls. There are two ordinary looking pillars in the center of the room. However in each of the corners of the room along the ceiling are four stone faces with gaping mouths. In the very center of the ceiling is another face with its mouth open as well.

As you make your way through the room both doors slide shut with a booming thud! At Sand begins to cascade from each of the stone mouths of the faces in the four corners, quickly turning into a torrent.

Chrystalis and Vielle work together and shut the mouth of the center stone face, stopping the flow of sand and exiting the room. Flynn gives chase down a descending passage of stairs dimly lit by purple-tinted lanterns. The group comes to a halt as they see the mysterious sack, simply left alone in the passage. Approaching cautiously, the ground beneath them solidifies and a psuedopod of sand attacks! The sandform harssaf launches at Flynn, trying to enter his throat and suffocate him!

Overpowering the sandform, the group literally curbstomps the being into oblivion after being sand blasted again, Julius snatches the bag just before the dying Harssaf can reach it. Inside are four canopic jars, their lids each fashioned into the head of a crocodile, a jackal, a hawk, and a hippopotamus. Cecil gets the heebie-jeebies and passes the sack to Hrummek, who gleefully places it into her own bag.

As you descend the stairs you can overhear an unseen conversation at the bottom of the stairs…

“Ahhh, so good to see you once again, [[ Sarh’usstan ]], magnificent Favored of the indomitable House “Lilon ulu Kult” ! I hope your journey was a pleasant one?”
“That depends on the quality of stock I am here for, Oh Dakshi the Glorious. I trust you’ve done all you can to prepare the slaves for transportation?”
“Indeed I have, but let us not get too hasty. Your room is ready for you with all of the specifics you require, including refreshment before we dine together. Then we can talk business and you can examine what has been caught for you. For now I shall retire to my room. My major domo, Kanvar, as you are familiar with, shall wait by your door to bring me message when you are ready.”
“Such graciousness is befitting. Sometime you should come back with me to my city of
Baereghel. I could find a position suited to your talents.”
“My Lord is much too flattering to waste his thoughts upon me. Let us tend to your needs for the present.”

Vielle uses a spell to turn Clairebelle and herself invisible as they investigate the source of a mysterious conversation…

End of Night 16


Night 15 2013-03-13

In which our heros interrogate the possesed half-orc, treck across the desert at night (blast them for being so damned intelligent), fight a band of harssafs, and explore their den with a suspenseful ending!

Tied to the chair sits a half-orc, visibly shaking and sweating despite the arid heat already beginning this morning.

Half-Orc, Grummok :
“Old man washed up on shore.
Was ranting about his ship sank and crew overrun by oil ink.
Ranting about Chaos God.

We take care of him, but he only get sicker.
Only get…stranger.
Eyes go black, like oil ink.
Started spitting up oil ink on others.

We few lock him away in cage, not in jail.
On pier, away from everyone.
Others spit up on others.
Town began going mad.

Everyone turn against each other.
Started burning.
Started destroying.
Some fled into desert.

We few fought to save.
Then Grummok surrounded and spit upon.
Grummok not die like this.
Grummok to die in battle."

It can be assumed that the old man he spoke of was Lazlo.
The Chimera God of Chaos also spoke through him in multiple voices simultaneously, until Cecil ran him through.

“The plagues will come!
The waters will congeal into blood!

The twin moons shall menstruate crimson!
Chimera-spawn will spill onto the land!

Your cities will burn and crumble!
Your leaders will be corrupted!

Your skin will crack and split!
You will thirst!

You will die alone!
I shall unmake the world!
Your souls will be sucked into the void!"

As the half-orc’s life passes on, a key falls to the ground….
(Key to cabinet containing
6 waterskins, 3 rations of dried foodstuffs, hand out scrolls 5, and a saltwater pearl 15g
bag of 19gold, 17 silver)

The Blast
As you set out across desert known as The Blast, the heat bears down upon you,
baking your body. The wind begins to pick up a little, then ascends to more insistent gusts.
At first the wind seems to help at least dry the sweat a little, but then sand begins to sting and prick at your exposed skin.

Despite the sand that is now flying around you, at some distance ahead you think you see ruins and larger rock formations. As you get closer, the sun begins to set, but it becomes darker as the wind starts to become a sandstorm. You arrive at a ruin of some sort. Broken columns rest on the ground while some still stand.

The sand beneath your feet seem to ripple…
Three figures burst up all around you from the ground, armed with a pair of curved kukris (kook-Ris), clothed in frayed robes, and wearing armor the color of blighted gold. Its reddish-brown skin is rough and grainy like sand, and slitted fiery red eyes glow from behind a protective visor.

One is dispatched, the other flees in terror.
Cecil discards the protective bush and proceeds to place his head down the dark hole.
The third of the remaining creatures turns to sandform to try to prolong his life.

The group decides to descend into the hidden hole and explore, discovering various provisions. Meanwhile the sandstorm on the surface grows furious. Under a pelt/rug on the floor Hrummek discovers a hatch door, and the group avoids a spike trap. As the group sets to cautiously walk down the passage, there is a hissing cackle and the hatch door slams shut.

Vielle finds something suspicious in the passageway…Drow coins.

Going onward, Vielle disarms a gas trap, and Hrummek discovers a dead-end. As they enter what seems like an abandoned room, a storage case moves to the side and three more of the same creatures emerge. Stunned for a second, one holding a large sack over his shoulder retreats back and the case slides shut back into place!

End of Night 16


The Story Thus Far
"Nights 1 ~ 14"

As you turn your sight to the run-down building with the tied up half-orc ,
the dawn breaks over the sea, casting radiant light in your direction.
You have literally been to the bottom of the ocean and brought a goddess back into arms of its aquatic people.
You’ve saved an elderly couple from robbery on the open road.
You have helped bring economic stability to a town of mystery,
and have withstood the wrath of bards.
You’ve been from Fairhill to [[ St. Forget ]] to Blackwood;
from Sunkenblot to the obliterated town of Ballyhoo,
and now to your back is the dust bowl known as The Blast.

Some of you have escaped literal mines of deceit ,
from the tentacles of the Mind Flayer, Illsenbossk ,
who hunts you down for revenge and torture.
And you have uncovered a secret history of a banished
Chimera God of Chaos capable of unmaking the world.

Regardless of what your personal motivations are,
you know that the minions enthralled by this Chimera God are searching relentlessly for the hidden seals made by both good and evil gods and goddesses.
Each of these seals of unknown number were broken into two matching pieces and contain tremendous power to protect or to destroy.
It is said the magic was imbued into other artifacts to further disguise them from those who seek to break this
God of Chaos free…
For not all the seals need to be replaced for its
dimensional prison to break open.

You have also learned of the Protectors,
unknown warriors sworn to guard their
individual fragment of the seals at all costs.
One resides in Fairhill;
Baran, who exists in misery.

The page from the journal of the late Strahdavari,
former Mayor of [[ St. Forget ]],
indicates that another Protector by the name of Nightscale
may live deep within the mountain known as The Stone Tooth.

Believe in fate, or do not.
But you all stand here together,
and to the south lies a jagged spine of mountains where the Stone Tooth waits….

…but for now, you have a half-orc to interrogate….


Night 14 2013-02-20
"Ballyhoo Burning"

In which our heros have found their reputation preceeds them in the form of fiery vengeance.

On the Lazy Skirt:
1) ((Wurm in the crow’s nest spots smoke on the horizon.))

2)-As the ship sails onward it is obvious that the port town of Ballyhoo is where the smoke is coming from. The crew is immediately on alert and wary, but continues to approach. After a moment longer, Jonas approaches you all….

3) Jonas
“Well, friends, this is as far as the Skirt goes. I can give you a skiff and some vittles for your passage, but we turn back here*. Good luck to you. Lord knows you’ll need it, regardless of what brave fools you might be.”
“If you’re willing to strike another deal, I’ve been eyeing that lantern Flynn is carrying. If you leave it in my possession, I will be able to communicate with you via a coin activated by the lamp. In this case, I can impart better supplies, possibly including some scrolls of windsinger spells, and a promise to return for when you are in need of passage. Deal?”

As you board the skiff and leave the Lazy Skirt behind, the razed town of Ballyhoo lies ahead of you, silent and empty. White and gray smoke rises here and there throughout the area, all from square buildings of various heights and widths. On a pier stands a solitary cage.

Though the smoke obscures the town, you can see a silhouette of a humanoid figure, slumped inside the cage. As Vielle swims up beside the pier and secure your skiff, she can’t fully see the details of who’s inside until you climb up to the platform, though he does look to be alive, but barely.

Laszlo, the old man in the cage
“They’ve been waiting for the lot of ye. I had no choice. Killed me girls ‘n me wife when I said I’d rather die than turn in innocents to them. They whipped me and left me in this cage to wait fer ye. Or die whichever came first. I prayed fer death. But they know where you were headed, an’ know where ye’ve been. Watching ye well they are. If that be The Lazy Skirt over there then I hope ol’ Jonas keeps that windsinger sober. He’s gonna need him. They say a Mindflyer, ”/campaign/last-time-on-d-d/wikis/Ilsenbossk/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Ilsenbossk or something, wants revenge for some slight the lot of you did him. Guessing killing off a friendly town as an example was his idea, almost as much as the bounty on yer heads. Now leave me to die – I miss me girls.”

Vielle gives the old man peace. Returning to the skiff it is decided to make landfall north of Ballyhoo and enter the town under cover of darkness.

Infiltration of Ballyhoo
As you survey what is left of Ballyhoo, you see rectangular buildings with open doors and windows, almost all of them are charred and damaged. Some buildings are crumbling as well. One building in particular seems to catch your attention. There is a sound from inside, a monkey?

The group draws in close to investigate the doorway, and without warning there is an explosion hurtles towards the group!

Inside the dusty and smoke-filled building, you can smell powder used to fire the cannon. Large footprints the size of platters divot the ground, and most noticeably of all there is a giant breach in the back wall, opening up to an alley that is also filled with dust and smoke.

As the group gives chase through alleyways, streets, and rooftops a trap is sprung in the town square where the group battles various townsfolk infected by the oil ink plauge and corner the titan cannoneer, blinding him, falling to his death.

End of Night 14


Night 13 2013-02-06
"Tiamatt Freed"

In which our heroes follow the map to the sunken ship, find the source of the mysterious oil-ink, the shark rolled and 18, and the Goddess Tiamatt was freed from her mental bonds.

Placeholder Text – Needs Expanding

At the Shipwreck

Friar Lews was in the ship.

“Shark rolled and 18! Nevermind, the shark doesn’t need a turn!”

Mask in front of Tiamat Stature to guard

Creature is a Finster Pup named “Tup-Tup”

Pearls, gems, riches.

End of Night 13


Night 12 2013-01-02

Placeholder Text – Needs Expanding

Sea Goddess – Tiamat

Andalovia – Sea King’s Kingdom
King Lir, Queen Pleeny – 7 sons, 7 daughters
Princess Alfia is Priestess of Tiamat
Tiamat has gone crazy.
Taris (son) wants Tiamat dead
Nurn – King’s Vallet, dark skinned (traitor)

Water-breathing spell = 4 hrs

Princess Alfia confirms suspicions about Nurn.

  • pair of gloves – dark, rubbery black, webbed for swimming.
  • globes of phospherescence
  • +1 to dex
  • +5 to AC, sharksuit
  • trident, d10+2, 2-handed

en route w/ map to ship ruins.

End of Night 12


Night 11 2013-01-02
"To The Bottom Of The Sea"

In which Cecil learns the art of controlling the wind, Hrummek tells the crew the story about the horse that does maths, the group is summoned to the bottom of the ocean to meet with the Sea King, and the group explores a mysterious underwater cavern to which Hrummek finds a +3 crab claw and Flynn gets an std from teabagging a vanquished crab.
_Cecil helps Tibbins make pancakes, then takes lessons from Zee for two hours, learning how to hear the wind, how to respond to it as a living being, and is rewarded for his practice. (Gains 1 Windsinger spell, BLINDING WINDS)

Hrummek tells Lazy Skirt’s crew a Horse Math story, while Jimminey entertains with a joke about nuts. (BOTH HRUMMEK and JIMMINEY GAIN A +5 DIPLOMACY BONUS WITH CREW; GROUP GETS +2)

On day three the ship floats limply along in a dead calm, the air stiflingly hot and still. Lazy Skirt pulls abreadst a funnel which plunges into the sea, and watches as another ship is destroyed by stormfire.
All members of the group, save Jimminey and Cecil, succumb to suntouch, leaping over the side of the Skirt, and sink heavily into the ocean.

Jonas tells Jimminey and Cecil that they must answer the Sea King’s summons, or face the fate of the ruined vessel still crumbling into the depths. They climb a ladder down into the funnel. Towards the bottom, Cecil sees an Andeluvian tending the other members of the group who lept into the ocean; she runs away when she sees them climbing down.
Jimminey successfully spots her tracks and helps the others follow.

After following the Andeluvian girl’s tracks, the adventurers come to the mouth of a network of corridors. At its entrance, a towering statue of a creature stands guard: a twin-headed dragon with a woman’s head at the joining of its necks, trailing to a long, serpentine tail which coils around the base of the statue in muscley loops. A glinting silver mask floats in front of the woman’s face, and the base of the statue is embossed with the word “Tiamat.” The group winds its way through a coral-walled maze of tunnels, encountering beastly sea monstrosities and discovering ages-old treasures.

Flynn: Finds fist-sized pearl, Necklace of Airbreathing
Jimminey: Finds scroll of waterbreathing

While the group rests, Flynn defeats a crab and catches a strange itch from teabagging its corpse. He later sees a Giant Leech crawl past, attack and devour a crab that was approaching the group, then disappear into the darkness.

Flynn finds a Captain’s Lantern after a ballsy swim into a tight crevice. Hrummek finds a Halfling Acorn Hammer, 200 gold, and a scroll of Waterbreathing. The group finds the end of the cavern system, sees the city of Andeluvia spreading ahead on the seafloor, magnificent and strange, glittering in the ocean water. As they stare, transfixed, a squad of Andeluvians attack a gargantuan beast which resembles the statue of Tiamat. A smaller unit of Andeluvians takes the group captive, and they each succumb to a magical sleep.

The group wakes up in the palace, unbound, and able to breath the water they find themselves surrounded by.

End of Night 11


Night 10 2012-10-17
"The Lazy Skirt"

In which Jimminey is given the mysterious word “Sandoval”, the group makes their way onto the vessel “The Lazy Skirt”, and Flynn is the target of an attack at sea.

_The group runs into Moll (the shady pick-pocketing waif), Jimminey is passed note, group sells gems n stuff for 7080G.
Flynn recovers his sword, the fabled blade Nettleheart, from the blacksmith, and discovers it is enchanted with the spell Entangle.

Group boards Lazy Skirt, a surprisingly immaculate ship, and is shown their quarters.

Hrummek helps Raj clean the privies and Flynn shares a drink with Jonas, while Jimminey learns to use a rapier (and gains proficiency as well as a sword).

Twilight settles in and the group spots a black PINNACE (le sigh) coming from the north. As the pinnace closes in, the group identifies a white-clad figure and three black-cloaked figures. The pinnace closes in very quickly; the air is taken from Lazy Skirt’s sails and she is spun around.
The Black Spray’s windsingers push back the gunners after a projectile hits the pinnace and she begins to take on water. Flynn is paralyzed by an unseen force.

Cecil manages to utilize the wind-channeling wheel and successfully calls the winds, hoping to knock the white-clad figure from the pinnace. Unfortunately, Cecil can only manage a light breeze.

As the Lazy Skirt sits, dead in the water, and things are beginning to look dire, Zee stands to attention and calls a ferocious funnel to blast the windsingers from the Black Spray. He holds the white-clad figure motionless in the air, and slowly reels him aboard.

Once captive, Flynn recognizes the man as Marten Rimbaud, one of Oscar de Groche’s right-hand men. A dreadfully dangerous fellow.

Hrummek successfully casts Zone of Truth on Marten, who laughs at Flynn’s arrogance, and admonishes him for being so brash and boastful. As Flynn lifts Nettleheart to end Marten for good, the villain dissolves into sand, leaving only his garments, 200 gold, and a black glass eye behind. Flynn takes the gold, and wraps the eye in cloth for safe-keeping.
After the attack, everyone settles down, but Jonas takes watch on the forecastle.

Cecil and Zee share some words about the winds. Zee sees in Cecil an earnest, curious mind, and an ear capable of hearing the heartbeat of the wind. He agrees to teach Cecil some of what he knows of windsinging._

Jonas Whelk – Captain/Navigator, ship Lazy Skirt
Zee – Windsinger
Jimminey learns to fence.
Hrummek helps crew member clean

Oscar de Groche – took (Flynn’s land/power)
Marten Rimbaud – Came after Flynn. Turned into sand.

End of Night 10



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