Tag: St. Forget


  • Simon Douglas

    Bard College drop-out who went to work for his vampire sister in politics. Job didn't last long, currently running a fast growing courier business between Blackwood and St. Forget, all thanks to the start of ChocoTime. Likes his home in St. Forget, but …

  • Octavio Stradavari

    Former vampire mayor of St. Forget. Probably an assumed name. Definately killed by the Douglas siblings before June took over the job. Currently believed to be retired in Blackwood by most of the population of St. Forget.

  • June D. Wells

    June D. Wells is Simon's older sister, and quest-giver for the adventure in St. Forget. Currently running the government while St. Forget prepares to give democracy a shot. Works best from behind several layers of paperwork. Loves beurocracy, Simon, …

  • Vera Greyjoy

    Chief Financial Officer of ChocoTime. Business lawyer. Will not take criminal cases. Sends the players reports of Chocotime's profits every quarter.