Baran Amhain Dohchassach

The Head Guard of the town of Fairhill. The group’s first meeting with him was of him bursting into the Staggering Wanderer Inn and running an orc through that Vielle was about to interrogate.
He offered the group 5 silver per orc scalp, as orcs have been raiding the town. He knows of a “secret entrace” up in the Mines of Fairhill where they have been coming from.

The second meeting with Baran is when the town turns against him and is about to bring him to public justice. The Mayor intervenes and takes him away. The group investigates a map thrown to Thoril where they find his sanctuary under Fairhill and discover his journal describing his life and his secret charge as Protector of a fragment of the Seal of the Chimera God of Chaos. Later the group rescues Baran from being murdered by the Mayor (who is a thrall) and brings him back to his sanctuary underneath Fairhill. The group leaves him in the care of the dwarven brothers and sisters who came to Fairhill searching for Jimminey.

(Fun Fact: Baran is modeled after the actor, Sean Bean)

From Baran’s Journal

Page 1

My name is Baran Amhain Doh-chass-ach

Publicly, I am the Head Guard of the town of Fairhill; in secret I am inherited
Protector and Guardian of one of the many unknown and extremely powerful
Amulets fractured from the Seals to the Prison of the Chimera God. I have been
sworn to secrecy and to a life that exists only within the boundaries of my
beloved town of Fairhill.

Though confined to the borders of the town, I still find happiness in the fact
that I am protecting not just the world from chaos, but also my only daughter,
Celeese, and honoring the memory of my wife, Dhanielle, who died in giving
our daughter life.

I can never leave the boundaries of Fairhill because my charge is a sacred and
hidden one. There is much to be sacrificed, but I know I shall make the Protectors
before me proud, and the Hidden Council admire my abilities.

Page 2

One day a mysterious stranger robed and without memorable features arrived
and sought me out directly, inquiring about the “town artifact”, claiming he had
the other half to it. I sensed evil and chaos within him, and I boasted that no
harm could befall me, or my town, as it is protected, and to leave at once.

That boast was tested that night as orcs came into the town to maim and kill,
but like I so confidently said, no evil could befall its citizens. What I did not
count upon was the orcs dragging the townsfolk away in the night.

The next day the stranger came back to me, demanding the amulet, or more
would be taken that night, including my daughter. Enraged, I attacked the
robed being, but something happened to me that I cannot explain, and I was
beaten easily into submission. I told him that the amulet was in the mountain
itself, and I spat on the ground in front of him.

In truth the amulet is kept safe underneath Fairhill, and only I know where
it is hidden. My charge was tested to protect it at all costs, even if it
meant the lives of others, but my own daughter’s?

This strange being must have known I was telling half-truths, and he took my
beloved Celeese from me, and others, to work in the mountain to dig up the
amulet! If I did not hand over the amulet itself, I would have to hand over
people to dig up this mountain for something that wasn’t even there. I had lost
everything, and could do nothing, not even rescue my daughter, all for the sake
of the town of Fairhill, and the amulet that protected it!

A third night passed, and the wretched robed thing returned. It gave me a
strip of my daughter’s dress: a silken strip of blue. It said to me:

“Every night my orcs and worse will raid your town unless you deliver more
to us to work in the mines. We will have our amulet, even at the cost of
your own lies. You shall hang this outside your window as a reminder of your
treachery to me, to your town, and to your daughter. My minions will know
by this cloth not to harm you or your dwelling. If you cannot send your
townsfolk to me, then send others, but you will supply me. Do not ever try to
fool me again. Until you give me the amulet, you shall suffer knowing the
truth that no one else will, Baran. Enlist help from the outside, and your
daughter will die in ways far more excruciating than her mother.”

Page 3

Much time has passed, and I remain resolute, but I have become a hollow man.

I have been telling half-truths to travelers and adventurers about orcs dragging
away townspeople to work in the mines, offering silver reward and describing a
secret entrance, in order to stave off any more abductions of Fairhill’s citizens.

But in the end I am no better than that foul thing.

It has told me of others of his kind were elsewhere, gathering up other artifacts,
and that it is only a matter of time before ultimate chaos and destruction would
be unleashed from its prison, devour magic, and unmake the world;
but by all means to continue my deceit.

I must do something. I don’t know if Celeese is still alive. What would Dhanielle
think of me now?

I am alone and trapped.

Page 4

I believe I have found a way to end the cycle of sacrifice
required to protect the seals. If the seals merely need to be kept
in their place of rest, never to be combined with the others, then
why not remove them from existence altogether? Why not destroy
these amulets, these seals?

If we have discovered that these seal fragments protect the area
in which they rest, then why can we not investigate more into the
nature of their existence? Why this vow of secrecy between
protectors? Yes, I know corruption of the soul is possible, and
there is risk of deceit, but if we are kept from each other then
how can we possibly find a way to end their wretched existence?!

Things I have heard over the years from travelers to my beloved
town of Fairhill has led me to believe that in the nearby town of
St Forget the one known by the name of Strahdavari might know
more on the true nature of these seals. He may even be a
protector, but as we are not permitted to leave I have no way of
knowing for certain.

I must know! I have lost the only one I have left in the world
to me. I can still remember on the coldest of winter days the
warmth of sunlight glowing from her, my beloved daughter,
Celeese. I must somehow prove to the Hidden Council that this
sacrifice cannot be permitted to continue! The citizens of Fairhill
grow more angry each passing month, and I do not know how
much longer I can pacify them on hopes that their loved ones
are still alive.

Baran Amhain Dohchassach

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