Mines of Fairhill

Ran by Illsenbossk
Staffed by orcs.
Mined by slaves from Fairhill
“Haunted” by Celeese Dohchassach

Main entrance is disguised as a “secret entrance”.
Secret exit to The Forgotten Graveyard

Numerous tunnels, chasms, rooms, and an unknown entrance discovered by Hrummek…

“You notice a passage that breaks off to your left that has gusts of alternating hot and cold air coming from between two thick stone pillars that become one with the cave. Do a spot check.
As you look upwards you see at about 20 feet high the columns finally meet into an archway. At its zenith there is the carving of a very primitive looking felidae. At your feet is a perfectly symmetrical symbol of fire and water, including numerous markings that are unfamiliar to you that outline the symbol. You do feel exchanges of heat and icy wind somehow. There is an immense feeling of pressure preventing you from going through. The sinister feel and look of this archway is not something you should soon forget. You should probably continue on the direction you were going.”

Mines of Fairhill

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