St. Forget is a small secluded city in the mountainous northern region of the main continent. Far from the nearest major port of Blackwood, it is largely self-sufficient, relying on outside trade of its main export wine to supplement the city’s economy. St. Forget operates as a city-state, and does not recognize any outside authority over its laws. It has a population of about 3000 people, mostly human.
St. Forget is surrounded by 15ft high walls. A main road connects the two large gates, and all smaller roads radiate out from the marketplace in the center of St. Forget.

Much of St. Forget’s history is lost to the annals of time. Judging by its earliest stonework, St. Forget has been a large established city for over 500 years, with its population sustained on the waters of Black River and the rich farming soil at the base of Mt. Hollow. Approximately 200 years ago, the vampire Octavio Stradavari proclaimed himself mayor of St. Forget and kept its citizens subjugated by using the high city walls to keep watch over the people, and policed the days with extremely loyal and vicious orc guardsmen. Bodies drained of blood by the vampire were left hanging by their necks on the wall to become vampire spawn; those that escaped the rising sun took to the woods outside St. Forget, and prowled the roads for food, thus making the city even more dangerous to leave than to exist under Stradavari’s rule.

Recently Stradavari fired his staff of orc guardsmen and instated a primarily human city watch under Captain Jerome Silvestri. Stradavari has announced his decision to step down from the position of mayor and retire in Blackwood. St. Forget plans to elect a city council next year, in lieu of a single mayor. Candidates already announced are Jeremy Dean, Guilbert Ross, June Wells, Oscar Flemmish, Hugo Morrison, and Karen Danvers. The city will elect seven council members, and all major changes to laws must be discussed in city-wide monthly meetings between council and citizens. Minor law changes must be posted six months in advance to policy change at the notice board in the law library of The Dog&Duck.

St. Forget is located at the foot of the southern face of Mt. Hollow, and surrounded by dense forests on all other sides. The River Black runs a natural course near the city, and was partially diverted over five hundred years ago to run through the estuaries that flow under St Forget, and supply the city with potable water. St. Forget’s nearest neighbors are the small town of Fairhill to the south, and Blackwood to the northwest. Due to St. Forget’s natural barriers, and its history of violence, there is little contact between St. Forget and its neighboring cities.

93% Human
3% Half Elf
1.2% Gnome
1% Half Orc
1% Goblin
.61% Dwarf
.18% Elf
.0007% Other (Ted Kipper and June Wells, Halfling and Vampire, respectively)

St. Forget’s largest single employer is the vineyard just north of the walls. Although Ssal’s Vine winery employs only thirteen year-round workers, in the summer when the grapes are ripe it supports nearly 300 harvesters.
Much of St. Forget’s population works in the city-owned wheat fields outside the walls, or in the community gardens and orchards on the east side of the city.
St. Forget has a prolific blacksmith’s shop, with ten smiths working under master smith Bjorn de Groot. With the increased safety of the roads to and from St. Forget, demands for St. Forget steel are increasing.
The main road in St. Forget is lined with specialty shops, providing travelers and natives alike with interesting curios imported from the nearest port city Blackwood. Recently a mysterious group has opened a small chocolate drink shop called ChocoTime, which has already become a popular destination in St. Forget.

Persons of Interest
Jeremy Dean
Simon Douglas
Hammish Flop (junior cleric)
Vera Greyjoy
Jivi Greenbottle
Davish Morrigan (senior cleric)
Jerome Silvestri
Octavio Stradavari
June Wells


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